Dear Residents, Family Members, Friends,


As we move toward our “Covid Normal”, there have been many changes made over the past weeks.


We are continuing to follow guidelines from the Department of Health and attached for relatives is the Visiting Aged Care Facilities, released on the 24 November 2020.





Visits will be in line with Care Facilities Directions No 17, and as such the number as well as time limits for visitors, has been removed.


We request that appointments are made as we need to manage the number of people within the facility at one time.


Density quotas remain, however, a resident bedroom is not subject to these quotas.


As the lounge and dining areas are not subject to density quotas when they are resident only areas, these areas are off limits for visitors. This allows residents to move around freely as we do in our own homes.


All visitors must wear a face mask.


All visitors must complete the declaration, which we need to keep for 60 days.





The Dining room has been opened for all residents for lunch and dinner.




Additional Information


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents, staff and relatives, friends for the patience, support and understanding which has been shown during the very difficult last 9 months.


We continue to monitor Covid on a daily basis and continue to refine our processes to ensure we are in the best possible position to be able to deal with any further small or large outbreaks.


You will have seen in media that each facility must appointment an “Infection Prevention Control Lead”. I have been appointed to this position, and currently undertaking the required training. Four of our senior staff are also completing a course in Infection Control, this education will assist in our future planning for all areas of Infection, not just Covid related.


We move into the festive season in a modified manner and as such unfortunately will not be holding our usual Xmas activities.


Please can you let us know if you are taking home your family member/s for Christmas day or other days during this period. This will help with our planning.


We ask if residents go out can you please provide us with a list of who the resident has been in contact with, this is for any potential contact tracing we may need to do.



If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.



Kind Regards,



Marie Crossland