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Choosing the
right aged care

Ensuring a sense of comfort in your new home is crucial for both your physical health and overall well-being

Consideration of various essential factors is paramount. We highly advise engaging in early and open discussions with your family and loved ones to ensure they fully understand your preferences and desires. Achieving a sense of comfort in your new home significantly impacts your overall health and well-being. To aid you through this journey, we have compiled some helpful and practical advice.

What to consider when looking for an aged care home

There are numerous vital factors to consider, and we highly advise initiating early and open discussions with your family and loved ones to ensure they are fully aware of your wishes and preferences. Moreover, it is essential to prioritize feeling comfortable in your new home, as it significantly impacts your health and overall well-being.


Quality of care

When selecting an aged care home, quality of care considerations are of utmost importance to ensure well-being and happiness for the incoming resident. Firstly, inquire about the staff's qualifications, experience, and training, as compassionate and skilled caregivers play a pivotal role in delivering personalized care. Ask about the care plans and support services available, which ensure specific medical needs are met and promote independence. Moreover, look for a facility that emphasizes a person-centered approach, respecting residents' preferences and treating them with dignity and respect. By prioritizing these quality of care factors, one can make an informed decision, entrusting their loved ones with a supportive and compassionate environment.



When choosing an aged care home, facility considerations are paramount to ensure a nurturing and supportive environment. One crucial aspect is if mandated care minutes are being met, as it directly impacts the level of personalized care and attention each resident receives. Additionally, the range of services and amenities provided, such as medical assistance, recreational activities, and dietary options, should align with individual needs and preferences. The overall cleanliness, safety measures, and accessibility of the facility are essential factors for ensuring a comfortable and secure living space. Moreover, assessing the facility's reputation, accreditation, and adherence to regulatory standards provides confidence in the quality of care delivered. By carefully evaluating these facility aspects, one can make an informed decision and find a place that fosters well-being and contentment for their loved ones.



Location considerations play a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling living experience. Firstly, proximity to family and friends is essential for maintaining social connections and support systems. Additionally, accessibility to healthcare facilities and amenities should be taken into account, as it ensures easy access to medical services and recreational activities. The local community's safety, ambiance, and available resources also influence the overall quality of life. Striking a balance between a convenient location and a tranquil environment can significantly enhance the well-being of the elderly residents in their new home.


Fees & costs

Pricing structures and choices in aged care facilities can be intricate and diverse, often differing between facilities. After touring the homes on your shortlist, we recommend consulting a finance professional who can provide valuable guidance on the various fees and payment options.

Arrange a visit before making a decision

Visiting an aged care facility before making a decision to move in holds immense significance as it allows you to gain firsthand insight into the quality of care and environment offered. During the visit, you can interact with staff, residents, and observe daily activities, ensuring the atmosphere aligns with your expectations and preferences. It provides an opportunity to assess the level of personalized care, the amenities available, and the overall ambiance of the facility.

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