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Can family and friends visit residents in aged care homes?


Yes, family members and friends are encouraged to visit during respite care. Visitors are welcome at all times.

Can residents go out to the local area?


We are close to shops, cafes and parks, we can assist with outings if you are unable to do this alone. Keeping in touch with community is always recommended

How is the quality of care monitored in aged care homes?


Aged care homes are subject to regular assessments and monitoring by government bodies to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards. Residents and their families can also provide feedback, which is considered in continuous improvement efforts.

Annual and lifetime caps in Means-tested fee?


There are annual and lifetime caps that apply to the means-tested care fee. Once you reach a cap, you cannot be asked to pay any more in means-tested care fees.

Annual and lifetime caps are indexed on 20 March and 20 September each year. The cap amounts that apply to you are those that are current when you reach them, not those that were current when you entered care.

The maximum an aged care home can charge you as of 1 October 2022 is:

  • $ 31,706.85 per year, or
  • $ 76,096.50 in a lifetime.

Note: Any income-tested care fee you paid while you were receiving home care will also be counted towards the annual and lifetime caps if you move into an aged care home.

What services and support are provided in permanent aged care?


Permanent aged care offers a range of services, including personal care, nursing support, medication management, meals, housekeeping, and access to recreational activities and social events.

How do I know if permanent aged care is suitable for me or my loved one?


Assessing the need for permanent aged care involves considering factors such as the individual's health condition, level of mobility, and ability to live independently. Consulting with healthcare professionals and conducting an aged care assessment can help determine suitability.

What is permanent aged care?


Permanent aged care refers to long-term residential care provided to seniors who require ongoing support and assistance with their daily activities and healthcare needs.

When should I get a means assessment?


Most people should complete their assessment after they have been assessed for an aged care home and before they have entered care. However, if you want to understand your costs upfront, you can complete your means assessment earlier.

How do I know if I need to pay a means-tested care fee?


There is a link to the My Aged Care website fee estimator to find out if you need to pay a means-tested care fee and get an estimate of what the amount might be.

If you do have to pay a means-tested care fee, you may need to complete a means assessment to find out the exact amount. Read more about means assessments and find out if you need to complete one using our Income and means assessments tool.

What is respite aged care?


Respite aged care provides short-term, temporary care for seniors, allowing their regular caregivers (e.g., family members or friends) to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

How long does respite care last?


Respite care can vary in duration depending on the individual's needs and the availability of the aged care facility. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

Who is eligible for respite aged care?


Respite care is available to seniors who require temporary support and have an assessed need for care. Eligibility is determined through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. Private respite care is also available.

Can I choose the respite care facility?


Yes, you can choose the respite care facility based on your preferences, needs, and availability. It's essential to find a facility that can accommodate your requirements during the preferred dates.

What services are provided during respite aged care?


Respite care offers services similar to permanent aged care, including assistance with daily activities, meals, medication management, and access to recreational activities.

Can family members visit during respite care?


Yes, family members and friends are encouraged to visit during respite care. Visitors are typically welcome during the facility's visiting hours or home care arrangements.

What is palliative aged care?


Palliative aged care is specialized care provided to seniors with advanced, life-limiting illnesses or conditions. The focus is on managing symptoms, promoting comfort, and enhancing the quality of life during this phase.

When is palliative aged care appropriate?


Palliative aged care is suitable for seniors with a terminal illness or those with complex healthcare needs that require specialized support and pain management.

How is palliative aged care different from other forms of aged care?


Palliative aged care differs from other forms of aged care as it specifically focuses on end-of-life care and providing comfort and support during this stage of a person's life.

What services are provided during palliative aged care?


Palliative aged care encompasses pain management, symptom control, emotional support, spiritual care, social services, and bereavement support for the resident and their family.

Can palliative aged care be tailored to individual preferences?


Yes, palliative aged care is personalized to meet the unique needs and preferences of the resident and their family. It aims to respect the person's wishes and provide care according to their goals and values.

How is the family involved in palliative aged care?


Family members are encouraged to be actively involved in the palliative care process. They can participate in care planning, decision-making, and receive support through the journey.

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